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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Online Grinder and the Infinite Sadness

Allprowi's bro again, updating you on the current PCA news. Today was a rough time for the good guys, and evil struck mighty blows. Allprowi was up early then got switched to a table that was all pros, one was Viktor Blom, zomg, and there was some others and shit. AND OMG ALLPROWI WAS RIGHT THERE, PLAYIN POKER WITH THE PRO POKERERS. Allpro wanted to be sharkin' some fishes on Day 2 but he ended up in the goddamn shark tank. He was rocking a reasonable stack until he lost 75% of it on some gay hand that he's too cool to complain about so I'm doing the complaining instead. He had J7os and the cards come down 9779J. He insta-calls his opponents river bet, but he had T9 for the blow outs. Earlier in the day bfizz had busted so there was general sad panda-ing going on. This is Allpro on his break after the bad beat. A few hours later he ran bust as well. During the break we had a quick chat with bfizz's coach, who had been running really well Day 2 turning his 37k into over 200k. So congrats to him, I'm just assuming he didn't bust and made Day 2. So for Team Good Guys the Main Event is over, which means the free vacation and side events get to start.


In the Atlanta air port on the way down a guy awkwardly introduced himself to us and talked about poker for a few minutes. Then on Saturday we saw him at the water park and was all, oh heeey. But like, we don't know his name or whatever, or if he even made Day 3, but on the off chance he did MAY HE WIN ALL THE CHIPS, ALL OF EM. MAKE HIS OPPONENTS HEMORRHAGE THEM DOLLAHS. I guess. He seemed nice.

Also once in Nassau we picked up a cab with 2 other poker players. Some point during the 45 minute long 8 mile cab ride one of the other players in the cab started talkin some whack shit. He stated how glad he was that the tournament would be super soft from all the online players. And oh man, even all those nub-ass Supernova Elites get packages without doing anything?! GONNA BE SO SOFT. Now, I don't know that much about poker, I've tried some grinding and what not, but I know enough that live players are lulzy and online players actually are capable of doing percentages in their head. So Allpro and I choked back giggles as this guy went on and on about online players, regardless of the fact that he was one of the people who picked up his package in the online queues... Dunno who he was, or if he busted, but if he has, lolololol get murked, get raped, get stomped, etc.

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