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Thursday, December 30, 2010


To be honest I'm still in disbelief this year is over. Not because it went to fast but the fact nothing went wrong. What I mean by that is that when i started the year I wasn't good enough to make a living playing poker online and I finished up $99k. This year I sought out coaching, learned what I needed, then improved my game to be able to compete in just about any turbo tourney. With cautious support from my dad, and after many months of my mom in her dream world thinking this was just a phase and would pass, to the public misconception that you cannot win at gambling, I succeeded. It did come with a scare with 3 very poor months back to back to back after I had just signed an lease on a much more expensive place then my place before it. Yet I hung on just to go on and have 2 of the best months of my life in Texas. I look back on everything I have done this year in disbelief. I have won 2-PCA Packages, 1- $109 turbo, 2- $25 turbo, and many smaller ones. Along with a 2nd in a $109, 3rd in a $109 2nd chance non-tubro (I forgot I knew how to play those!), and many many other close calls. This year I went out and accomplished my dream that I have had since I was 14. Best part, not to be mean but just honest, my dad straight out told me only a few people in the world can do that (play poker for a living) and to not get my hopes up. 7 years later and now I'm making new dreams to one day cross off my check list. Happy New Years everyone wish you all gl in 2011. Here is my 2010 breakdown.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vegas nad PCA #2

I just took my first trip to vegas! It seemed so familiar for being somewhere that intimidating. It probably helped that I have learned all the odds and perfect strategy for almost every game in the casino, or it could have been that I worked as a dealer for a year and a half, but in the end it was definitely watching all of the travel channel's shows having anything to do with vegas. I just love how someone can be like hey I'm going to ... tomo want to come, and be able to just do it. The particular reason I was in vegas to find a house to live with a few other grinders. So that's happening, but even more fun I won a 2nd PCA package good for $1002 cash and 14,778 T$, so I pretty much made 50% of what I made all year in 2 days so that was awesome. I'm going to have a very busy month and a half coming up. I'm travelling back to Wisconsin for the holidays then going out to the PCA for over a week. Then right when I come out driving out to vegas to live for at least 1 year. I'm hoping to move in before the PCA but prob won't happen. Also I'm 3,500 vpp's away from 200k and a $3,400 bonus so that's happening before the end of the weekend. It'll be a very hectic time but all positive and so many great things to look forward too!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hey everyone, sorry I have been neglecting my blog. It'll be my new years resolution to get better at blogging. But anyways I have been grinding pretty hard to get things ready for vegas, and today had my best day yet! I shipped the 33 Euro turbo good for a little less than 190 Euros and then 3 minutes later won a $15k PCA PACKAGE! So I'm super excited. I will be selling 50% of myself if anyone is interested. This last month I went to a wedding in Orlando, partied in uptown Dallas, spent a weekend in Houston , and partied some more at home. So ive been working hard and having a great time. Now the goal is to get a few good days of grinding in, go back home to see my friends and for the holidays, and get ready for Vegas and the PCA. So much stuff to do over the next month but it will all be worth it! Gl as aways.