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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Had a good day, enjoying life!

So I have been in Texas for 22 days now and loving it. It's great to be able to talk about poker everyday. Also way more motivating to wake up and see someone else grinding. Pretty much takes out the ehh do i want to play today, meh maybe I'll play in an hour or two. But now it's damn I'm already being out grinded today, cannot let that happen. Another positive note is when your running good it makes it just that much more fun. Which brings me to my next point. I had a $2,500 day including a $36 win and a few other 180 man wins. With these wins I have surpassed my previous highest point... 12,500 games ago. It has been 3 months and a long grind but once again proving to myself I am a winning poker player, and just need to always look to improve. To help this upswing continue in poker and life, I have decided to start working out after a year or two of slacking off. First day was yesterday and oh boy was it a disaster. Ran a half a mile before throwing up, I'm sure it was all the heats fault and none of my own. It will be a long journey but it will be worth it! I just need to keep making +EV decisions in cards and at life, and it starts 1 step at a time. As always good luck at the tables, and keep making good decisions.

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