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Friday, September 24, 2010

Changes and winning!

First off sorry for not writing forever. The truth is 180 mans are harder and it's disappointing. Don't get me wrong they are still beatable, however when your use to making $5/game only making a $1 or 2 for the amount of time they take is frustrating. Due to the amount of regs in these games I have decided to move to low stake mtt's a few months earlier than schedule... First day I grinded only mtt's I took down a $4 1000 ppl capped for $750 and about 512 tlb's. An hour later I took down a $11 25k guarantee for $4400ish and 1000ish tlbs. It's the start of coming out of my downswing. The positives of grinding low stake mtt's is the skill of the competition and the tlb's. The lows is volume and rakeback. So after grinding low stakes sngs to guarantee I made enough to pay my bills it's nice to have a good night and give my bankroll some breathing room. It was tough to drop down stakes and grind out $6 sngs, but hey it pays for rent and rule #1 of playing poker for a living is making the right decisions to protect your bankroll. I've learned so much about how to treat future investments and gifts to myself, but most importantly how to take a look at my situation swallow my pride and grind out a living.

Important changes! I'm moving down to texas to grind with bfizz11 and take full advantage of my upswing. And for anyone who has not heard bfizz11 is starting a comprehensive coaching program to help coach any player of any skill level to take full advantage of their potential. I will be coaching a session or 2 a week starting very soon. If anyone who reads this does not know who bfizz11 is... you need to check out his site and give him an email about his new coaching program. To survive in this always changing poker world, one must keep working on their game. Even after all the wins I have posted I still pay for coaching myself to stay on top of my game.

I'll be blogging more. Sorry for the lack of writing but its hard to write about how much less impressive my results have been since May. Even if I can't blog about how shitty it is going I'll find some other topic. So gl everyone keep playing and improving and definitely check out I will soon be showing how in 1 week I went from break even to making several dollars a game, and playing for a living!