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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blown out in minnesota (coaching update as well)

I only played 2 tournaments in Minnesota and ran into a few difficult spots and couldn't pick up a cash. First tournament built up a big stack ran QQ into KK for 75% chips oh well. Then shoved A9s from the CO with 12 BB got called by KQs gg in 15th. Second tournament $550 buy in, I built up a good stack again and then ran into this hand. AA from the SB blinds 100/200 with 25 ante had about 25k stack. UTG +1 raises to 800, UTG + 3 calls, I raise to 2850. UTG +1 calls, UTG +3 folds. Flop is KhKd3d, and I lead out for 350, UTG+1 ships about 25k over to put me all in. I think for like 1 min. and decided such a ridiculous raise like that signifies a flush draw or a pair of jacks based on previous hands played with this guy. (Side note any time a player in this tournament had this strong of a hand they slow played it to the max). And decided to call. He shows Kh3h couldn't hit runner runner flush or an ace gg. Whatever I never put him on k3s there so well played I guess.

*Coaching update. Due to the time I have been putting into the hand histories 30-40min/ HH I have decided I need to raise the price 50%. I'll accept any hand histories before Tues. at the original price. There is also a good chance I will be starting my own training site in a few weeks so I'll post any updates about that here. Keep grinding and GL at the tables.


  1. you wrote the board wrong, it was K K J. Also, you forgot the part about being a limit holdem fish.

  2. Oh yeah my bad. Either way it was lame.