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Thursday, July 8, 2010

To busy to post!

Sorry all for the delayed posts, but I have had a few weeks of family and personal affairs to take care of. A week and a half ago, I met up with my extended family in the florida keys, key largo to be exact. A weekend of snorkeling and drinking. It's always a party with my dads side of the family. While snorkeling my brothers and I were checking out this 8ft ish nurse shark (so my uncle called it). And then one of my brothers started talking to me... he ended the conversation in the middle of the water by shouting idiot your standing on the shark. And sure enough the current had moved me right above the sharks head. So a furiously swam to a safer distance. Point of the story is crazy stuff always happens on family trips and the Florida keys are beautiful check it out. The month of June for me was very trying. I had a terrible run down about 6.5k till the last two days of the month, and had nothing fun to blog about except my students huge run. The 28th was the day I flew in from Florida and found out it was turbo night and had to play. BAM! 7k plus some bonuses and coaching fees. Ended up decent for June but July and August need to be better or I will not be able to afford the sweet new apartment I just moved into. So gl everyone and pics of the apart and graphs will be apart of my next post or 2. I still currently do not ahve a digital camera but work something out.

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