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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going through a tough spot

So for the last almost 3500 games in 180 mans I have been on a slight downswing. It has been so hard to just continue playing my game. Constantly questioning if I'm making the right plays. But it really just comes down to variance. For instance yesterday I final tabled at least 10 180 mans, and managed to take nothing higher than a 4th. I took so many bad beats and was running into tops of ranges when shoving my bottoms. Every time I got it in as an underdog I found myself checking the play and every time the math said the play was correct. So I guess I just have to keep sealingup leaks but most importantly continue grinding. After the results I have been having it is definitely a grind.


  1. Seeing you run like this for 4000 games is kinda scary.

  2. Yeah well when u pick up 15k in 1k games it doesn't bother you as much.

  3. Sick sick run. How have you managed to keep your cool through it all? I get pissed off and try something new at downswings a 50th of that!