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Monday, July 26, 2010

Coaching Update

So I have decided to start up a slightly different approach to coaching. I will now be accepting hand histories for me to take a look at. For each hand history I will note the positive plays and poor plays. I'll note what the proper range for a push or call that might have been misplayed, as well as any other important notes. I will note the regs and their ability as well. Also will be available on aim or email for any further questions you might have on a particular review.

Pricing: $10/ 1 review, $90/ 10 reviews $170/20 reviews, and any more than that contact me.

Contacts: Email: AIM Sn: smrtotalwar Skype is down temporarily will twitter on my blog when up. Any questions or comments are welcomed.


  1. I am still doing live sessions for $75/hr as well.

  2. Thanks for the HH review! Comprehensive and insightful and well worth the money IMO.