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Friday, July 30, 2010

Canterbury Park

So at about midnight Austin and I are heading out to Canterbury Club. Which is a horse racing and poker room 350ish miles away from where I live in Minnesota. Why do we go all the way there? Well for many reasons, first being Austin still isn't 21 so he can't play in Wisconsin. Second being it is our favorite card room. It has everything best service, best dealers, size is good, and great promotions. The complaint is it's strictly limit hold'em cash which I'm terrible at. However their tournaments are great. The majority players are worse than the $2 180 players. How about an example. So about 15 players left in a tournament only 9 get paid. Avg. stack size is roughly 6-8 BB. I have shoved all in the last 7 out of 8 hands. On the next hand I shove again from the hyjack (happen to have AQo but i'm shoving like 40-50% here since they plays so tight). Folds around to BB and he thinks for about 2-3 min. before folding 77 face up with only 6 BB behind and says I think I might have had you beat. In response I just laugh, so now he really thinks he had me crushed. But still the point is they are soooo tight and the structures are so fast it's amazing. So hopefully one of us will get another one of these pics.
(The hand I described is same tourny as this pic. Another side note 3rd place finish basically cried when I knocked her out long story but it's funny to see a 30-40 yr old women cry about losing such a small poker tourny.)


  1. Shouldn't you be shoving 100% from the hijack in the AQ spot? :)

  2. Probably I just threw out a number to show how terrible a 77 fold is there. It's a little harder to shove 100% when you have 8 people staring at you like omg he's all in again?!?