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Friday, April 2, 2010


April's foolishness was a great way to start April even though it never worked out. I won a $1 rebuy for just over 1k, fun stuff. But as I kept playing I kept making it deep only to wind up getting 4 outered in the nightly 100k. aq vs 74 on a board on q53. currently 13th outta 69 and he had just about as many chips as me. I bet he calls and hits a miracle turn of a 6. We get it in and ... yeah. As I get knocked out of that tourney as well as many other deep runs that came up short today, I went into a rage I have never experinced from poker before. I have in hockey, soccer, football, and paintball but never poker. I just started throwing everything on my desk kicking my chair, punched a wall, almost destroyed everything. Thank god my friends were over to calm me down and remind me I am a good poker player. I WILL GET THE 10k+ score again ( i haven't had a plus 10k score since july 2009 and that's when i sucked at poker) even though I thought I was a champ. So I am reminded that this April I will crush 180 mans and give my shot for some big scores with some mtt's which I feel very confident in my game (couldn't say that 2 weeks ago). So what do you do when you have a bad day. Cope! (I cope by drinking most of the time) not something I'm proud of but hey comes with the territory. So whatever works for you. Gl at the tables, stay positive, and put those hours in!

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