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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Partying, TSO, and Airsoft wars

So over the last week poker has been non existent (even though I feel the itch to play every day), mostly because of all of the fun activities I have planned. It's hard not to get lazy when in 2 months of playing poker I made more money then I did in a year and a half working part time as a black jack dealer. Last week was spent in a haze of heavy partying in PA, while visiting a good friend of mine. I got to see kid cudi and snoop dogg in concert there but really cant remember to much of it. I just remember it being a damn good time. So I got back home and what do I do play a few hours each day then just go ehh I'll play more tomorrow. Plus today I'm busy. I'm going to take a few friends to see the Trans-Siberian orchestra concert tonight, one of my absolute favorite music groups. Then Friday will be spent airsofting with some friends followed by a bonfire. Long story short I've fallen way behind on my goal not due to a downswing, but because I need to make at least $1,000 a day just to stay on pace. So hopefully Saturday I'll get back into the groove and starting looking towards SCOOP. Anyways check these bad boys out just ordered them the other day. Thank you poker for allowing me to drop $2,000 on something completely ridiculous like ...

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