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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What happens after a 7k day

Well not to much of a surprise the last few days have not gone to well. Which led to frustration which led to less playing, and that is never good. To continue with the disappointments I took 2nd in a $50 hyper turbo heads up losing with ak vs aq by straight on the river. (sigh $1,500 suckout) Few hours later I find myself flipping for a 3rd place chip stack with 10 players left in a $33 mtt, couldnt hit and was shortly out in 10th. There goes $4,500 and some need monthly tlb points to break the top 10. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day just going to shoot for 100 180 mans. Then Thursday brings another tlb race bring it on!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally Final Tabling

I had an amazing day today first off I crushed the 180 mans even though I could have finished better. 2- 2nd's in $36's was great but disappointing but these numbers look pretty good..And for the best part two final tables! 4th in the $5 turbo for about $1,400 and 3rd in the $109 2xchance for $4,500 making the grand total $7,127 for the day in 204 games.

I also got my first shinny star today and lovin it. And for the day 15 grand total $14,785 just $215 shy of on pace. I'm thinking I'm going to put in a lite day tomorrow but who knows anything can happen.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

100k in 100days

Hello everyone. I finally decided to make a blog about my life as a pro poker player and accomplishments. So 13 days ago I decided to try and work my ass off to make 100k in 100 days and blog about the journey. So far I've been crushing 180 mans but running horrible and playing worse in mtts. So as it stands I'm up $ 7,804 with plenty of time. I have decided to stop trying to win the monthly tlb on pokerstars and just focus on 180 mans I hope I can keep running so hot. Here are the official stats so far...